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Communicating Arduino to PC using XBee in API mode

Xbee is a great radio module to communicate between devices wireless. Steven shared his extensive work on Xbee communication in API mode which was included in his Masters thesis. His setup uses Xbee module on each end. On one end he connect module to PC with Xbee USB adapter, another part is attached to Arduino. The fun part begins with software. He’s chosen API mode because there are several advantages over regular modes. It frees from switching in to command mode in order to change configuration options, also message address can be set on fly, messages packets come with RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and feedback message is sent on successful transmission. He used Digi X-CTU software to work with message frames which is robust on building API frames. Once succeeded Steven moved to python code. He was able to talk to Xbee module by using PySerial library. The code takes care of sending and receiving message frames. Same applies to Arduino part which also has to be able to receive and send message packets in API mode. For those… Continue reading

Powerful and cost effective Linux board

pcduino arm cortex A8 computer

Small size Linux development boards gained popularity during several past years. Probably many of you already know Beagle or Raspberry Pi boards. They are great for many hobby and professional projects where processing power, I/O and operating system is needed. pcDuino is another powerful dev board with 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1GB DRAM memory, HDMI, Ethernet and other standard features you’d expect to see on such boards. But one important feature which makes it a bit different from other similar products is pcDuino API. pcDuino Api allows programming functions in Arduino style. This allows easy transition from regular Arduino to new platform painlessly. With API you can access standard interfaces like UART, ADC, PWM, I2C and IO pins. And for sure it is no problem to enjoy Linux features as well. Continue reading