Simple OLED alarm clock with temperature feature

OLED displays have many benefits over regular LCDs. They have better better contrast. Because there are not back-light used, a deep black levels can be displayed. They have wider viewing angles and are more power efficient. Also are more lightweight what makes them attractive for using in hand-held devices. OLED displays are available in hobby market so everyone can use them for great projects and see the benefits. Df99 have shared his instructable where he builds pretty cool alarm clock with temperature display by using Arduino Micro and 128×64 OLED display based on SSD1306 controller. Clock function is implemented with DS3231 RTC IC which has Arduino library support. Clock has two push-buttons for clock setting. Temperature readings are done from RTC chip where sensor is used to compensate temperature drift. Continue reading

Arduino alarm clock plays MP3 to wake you up

If you don’t like the buzzer sound of your alarm clock, then maybe this MP3 based will suit you. Of course it is still a pile of breakout boards and bunch of wires, but it works. Bajdi has prototyped modular Arduino based alarm clock that plays MP3 when it goes off. In order to make it run there are quite few modules used that include Arduino mega board, RTC module, 128×64 monochrome LCD, SD card module, Vs1053 based MP3 module, speaker and few discrete components attached to breadboard. Using Arduino this thing is fairly easy to program as there are libraries for each module available. Continue reading

Nice looking Arduino LED alarm clock

Razr Behary have been working on his Arduino based clock project. He had spare Arduino Mega2560 so it served as main processor. DS1307 RTC took care of precise timekeeping. He didn’t spare any LED seven segment displays and used a lot of them. Additionally Razr added another four 16 segment displays to show some other textual info like ‘date’, ‘alrm’ or ‘time’. Displays are controlled using NPN transistors with bases connected to Arduino digital pins. Another interesting feature of clock is alarm function. Arduino is connected to Samsung DVD player using optoisolators. Once alarm is triggered DVD starts playing song to wake one up. Turning off is simple – by pressing power button of DVD. All set up is soldered using through hole prototyping boards, so it caries a bunch of wiring that barely fits on DVD player itself. Continue reading

Alarm clock that finds perfect time to wake up

Probably you know the feeling when you get out of bed on the wrong side. The only way to avoid this is to get up at the best time of sleep rhythm. How to do that? The only way is to keep track of various parameters of sleeping human and then decide when it’s time to get up. So the following project is what it tries to do. It is based on Arduino and measures various parameters like quality of air like temperature, humidity, dew point, light level and of course tracks time along with sleep pattern. Sensor information and accelerometer data is transmitted wirelessly. As information isn’t complete – it is hard to replicate the project. But still you can enjoy on what’s already done by seeing these videos: Continue reading

Self-setting alarm clock with Google Calendar

Imagine an alarm clock you don’t have to set manually. This idea seems to be real with DPAC (Dynamically Programmable Alarm Clock). This is done pretty originally. It connects to Google Calendar via Wi-Fi and collects events for next day and then calculates the best time to wake you up. It even counts in breakfast, shower and even time to drive to place where you need to be including traffic conditions. It sounds amazing. Let’s see how it’s done. Mainly its is based on Arduino platform with a bunch of peripherals that include big 6.4” LCD screen, FM radio, iPod link, audio amplifier, WiFly wireless module, x10 to control light,  RTC. Alarm clock connects to specially written Web User Interface where all necessary settings are entered including Google calendar login, locations, destinations. It seems to be really professional and feature rich alarm clock. Continue reading