Feature rich scooter computer with touch screen

How about making a high tech scooter? It’s actually pretty easy to do with some extra cash. Well seems this project isn’t very cheap, but ads real value to regular scooter. So called Scooterputer has some hardware on it that is based on Arduino Duemilanove. First of all it has a touch screen – no need for buttons. Other things include: temperature sensor, DS1307 time and date RTC chip. Additionally there is an accelerometer and finally GPS and GSM chips. With this entire periphery computer is able to monitor battery voltage, track time and date, sense environment temperature, measure lean and gauge, track speed and trip distance. With GPS you get compass and position data. With GSM module Arduino is able to send SMS along with latitude/longitude data, heading, speed, and a time stamp data. Also GSM module acts as security system if unauthorized use of scooter is detected. Continue reading