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Antitheft Suitcase – You Won’t Be the Target of The Thieves Again!

You want to keep the important things in the suitcase, but you’re afraid that you’ll become the target of the thieves? Well, if you have plenty of money, then you might didn’t mind to buy a high end suitcase. Or, you might want to spend a few hours to modify and create your very own sophisticated “Antitheft Suitcase”! Honestly, the concept of this antitheft suitcase is derived from the security briefcase used by jewelry. In this project, a piece of metal foil under the handle needs to be connected to an MC33794 e-field sensor. This step is to sense when someone is carrying the briefcase with or without permission. In addition, three metal tabs are used to connect to other three e-field electrodes, which are serving as keypads to enter… Continue reading