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High performance, low cost SBC

As the title suggest, this single board computer known by the name of pcDuino3 is a high performance cost effective single board computer. It’s capable of running Ubuntu and Android and even has a dedicated hardware for video processing. Moreover, it also compatible with Arduino shield and also has Arduino IDE pre-installed. In short, it can serve as a replacement for UDOO quad if you are not willing to spend much. It has ARM-A7 1 GHz dual core CPU with a memory of 1GB and on-board storage of 4GB. It also has HDMI-connector, built-in Wi-Fi, and 3.5mm audio jack. Presently, it’s capable of running Ubuntu 12.04 and Android 4.3. Moreover it supports Camera serial interface which is also used in the Raspberry pi. Unlike other single board machines with just advanced inputs/yields, the pcduino3 is additionally furnished with 6 simple inputs/yields. They can be utilized to control simple gadgets like the Arduino temperature sensors, light sensors, and considerably more. The device is completely open source, so users can program their own projects without any restrictions. Head over to their website… Continue reading

Building Arduino based smart watch

Smart watches are getting popular today. They give some comfort to wive your digital life status without pulling out smart phone. All you need is to look at your watch. Is this a watch renaissance? Because watches were lost somewhere during cell phone evolution. Anyway this is a thing of discussion. Lets look at this cool smart watch project called “RetrowWatch”. I wouldn’t call this retro, because it is quite modern and slim. The watch is based on Arduino mini pro, which is small size and has all necessary I/O and processing capability. As all smart watches it has to have connectivity with Android or other devices. So there is a Bluetooth module used. Since low power is a key factor here – an OLED display seemed a nice choice. Watch is powered with single cell LiPo battery. Arduino here takes are of all nice things displayed on OLED display and listens to UART port which is connected to Bluetooth module. Information is updated from Android device which has a special app running. It allows sending various notifications including RSS… Continue reading

Controlling Arduino with Android device

Android phones and tablets are common gadgets around us. So naturally we would like to do more things with them. Controlling devices is no exception. Kerimil have written an instructable how to make simple Android controlled device out of Arduino in no time. The idea is to do all control and sensor read with Arduino which has Blue-tooth module attached to serial interface. Arduino simply sends data and reads serial commands from it. The other part is to make Android device listen to whats coming through Bluetooth and take control of data. Simplest approach is to create simple application with MIT’s App Inventor software. It allows creating Android apps with simple building blocks. In his example Kerimil demonstrates voice activated LED On/Off commands and temperature reading. Continue reading

Control wall socket using Android controlled Arduino

This is a remake (truly speaking a hack) of common remote wall socket that is switched via 433 MHz RF signal. Mario wanted to control it by using Android powered smart phone. He simply took out buttons from remote control and connected Arduino pins via optocouplers. After Arduino is in place next task is to connect Android device and send serial commands to Arduino via java application. So you end up with bunch of wires and gear just to control your lamp. Continue reading