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RundFunker – The Smartest WLAN MP3 Player!

The iPod MP3 player is one of the most popular and bestselling products in the world and most of the people will at least have one or more iPod player! Since the iPod is somewhat familiar in every household, thus it’s already lost the specialty and unique… If you want something new and different, you should know that it’s better to Do It Yourself! So, have you prepared yourself for this RundFunker project? This RundFunker is a very special tabletop MP3 Player, where it can use to scan the WLAN for local audio sources and it able to play shared audio files as well. Some of the great features about this Rundfunker are: It has a built-in 2-way speaker system, A LCD display and of course, A very simple but powerful user interface! Technically, the device is independent of any external peripheral equipment, which means all hardware components are fully integrated into the appealingly designed housing and it has included an exclusive aluminium front panel. With a 12V DC power supply, this cute and stylish Rundfunker will be on your… Continue reading