Wake up with sun anywhere you are

Direct sunlight is perfect for waking up in the morning. But it happens that there is no sun or simply your bedroom is in western side of the house. Then there is the only way – start cheating with sun simulator. It is based on ATTiny13 microcontroller which takes care of dimming the 150W halogen lamp. Alarm clock can be set to reach its maximum intensity from 2 minutes up to 8 hours. Microcontroller takes alarm signals from regular digital radio alarm clock so no need to do additional time tracking. I agree it looks a bit dangerous to have halogen lamp near pillow, but it is worth to risk for a bit of sun. Continue reading

The Smart and Innovative Chimney Sentinel

Do you know that in every year, there are over hundred thousands of fires (140,000 fires), hundreds of casualties and in total of $257 million in property damage all across the United States? These losses represent 20 percent of all residential fires in the United States and the Chimney fires cause it all! In order to prevent the chimney fires more efficiently, you have to develop a smart and innovative fire detector and this Chimney Sentinel is the most suitable choice. For your information, the Chimney Sentinel is actually a probe that has been inserted into the chimney. It has a remote FLASH-microcontroller-based monitoring unit, where it can be used to detect a chimney fire. The more important thing about this tool is it keeps monitoring, detects and sounds an alarm, if the conditions persist that could lead to excessive build-up of creosote in the chimney. Creosote is mostly built up, especially when temperatures in the flue are too low. In this case, the Chimney Sentinel is doing its job, and sounds an alarm if the temperature doesn’t move through… Continue reading

Apply the 3R Concept with Your Old Personal GSM Phone

Do you love to follow the latest trend of cell phones? If you answered yes, then I’m bet you might have at least one old GSM Phone, which had been left in drawer for years. Since you’re not anymore using it, why don’t show off your credibility and creativity in the renovation field? This simply an easy task, where you just need to apply the PIC microcontroller and connect it with your Ericsson T18 series phone (You can also test this stuff with the A1018 and T28 series as well). This method only good for own personal use, if you want it to be commercialized, it’s meet the difficulty of finding the suitable connectors in large amount (Go on and try to commercialize it if you did found a good supplier, which can provide you those needed connectors in low price). The objective for this project is to remote activated or receiving SMS in alarm case. Therefore, this GSM2 has transformed into a multipurpose gadget (bidirectional GSM Remote Control – remote activator – receiver of SMS alarms) now. Don’t just… Continue reading

Four channel burglar alarm on PIC

If you want to build simple and reliable burglar alarm system from few electronic parts try this – PIC based four channel alarm system. It monitors 4 normally connected (NC) input channels. If at least one of the channels loop is disrupted it triggers alarm and shows Activated zone by flashing one of LEDs.   Project is really well documented. Because project was developed as final project for Electronics coursework, it has more that documentation – it also includes deep analysis of each part of circuit. So material should also serve as nice tutorial for PIC starters. Or you can just simply build the project, grab source code and flash it. Continue reading