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Precise alarm clock uses GPS module

Arduino GPS clock

GPS satellites carry a precise clock sources. When receiver gets data from transmitters, there is time data packed along with position information. Time and date data can be parsed and used for any purpose. Kevin decided to make GPS driven alarm clock, that would set itself by reading GPS data. This way he wanted to skip usage of buttons. Recently he started initial test run of such system. He picked a 128×64 graphical LCD module where he drew nice big clock digits along with date and status information. He hooked up GPS module and graphical display to Arduino and run several successful tests. He was able to parse time and date data from GPS data packed and display on LCD. Next thing he had to include timezone adjustments since GPS displays time in GMT. Since there is enough room left on LCD, he also attached 1-wire DS18S20 temperature sensor that adds more value to the clock. It seems that there is no way to run away without user input here. In order to set alarm clock there is needed user… Continue reading