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Lock you door using OTP

This project is for all those who always wanted an ‘extra added security’ on their room. We all have seen a numerous door locking mechanism what requires a password. However this door lock system is a little different as it requires a different password every time you want to open the door. The different password is generated using your own mobile phone by following a certain algorithm. OTP codes are normally time based that can only be used for a shorter duration of time. In the recent past, these type of codes were generated by a small piece of hardware but now we have applications on our mobile phone to that. To generate these type of codes with the arduino, the author developed a library to simply generate the cod by using a single line command However for the OTP codes to work you require a sort of synchronization. For the synchronization part, they used Google Authenticator which is available for most of the mobile-platforms including IOS. All the codes and the hardware required include the servo requirements are available… Continue reading

DIY door lock from old CD

Don’t throw old CD driver – it can be useful in various projects like this one. Michael have used CD laser head moving motor for moving lock as it provides linear motion. He connecter motor to Arduino through H-bridge. Arduino-Controlled Lock from nootropicdesign on Vimeo. To unlock the door, the pass code has to be entered on a standard 3×4 button keypad. This is a great example of this how dead things like CD player can be relived for new different life. Continue reading