The Connection between Arduino and AD7746

Welcome back, guys. Today, you’re having the chance to develop the combination of Arduino and AD4476. Let’s cut the long story short and jump straight to the point. First of all, you have to prepare a capacity sensor. Some of you are wondering, “Why should I need a capacitor sensor for this project?” Well, it’s because you have to make a device, which can be used to identify small capacitance (up to 4pF). Ok, it’s time to learn on how to connect the AD4476 to the Arduino and how to use it to sense touching… You have to understand that the I2C on Arduino is using analog pin 4 as SDA and analog pin 5 as SCL. In this case, you need to pull up some resistors for the I2C lines. As a result, you might want to add some 4.7k resistors to VCC. You have to pay attention that the AD4476 breakout board comes with two long lines. With this unique characteristic, it directs the sensing away from the logic and some “touch plate”. Since the marking 3.3V on… Continue reading