The High Performance A 32-Channel Digital R/C Servo Controller

You’ve been looking and searching around the effective methods to build a cool multi-legged walking robot with over 30+ R/C servos, but the only downside is you haven’t actually found the perfect single controller to drive them all? You’re a lucky person, as you don’t need to find it anymore! In this case, the A 32-Channel Digital R/C Servo Controller will be able to help you overcome the above problem. For your information, it’s not easy to drive the versatile servos, as it requires the generation of a potentially large number of stable pulse width modulation (PWM) control signals. Well, thanks to the A 32-Channel Digital R/C Servo Controller, it can handle all the details of multi-channel PWM signal generation. In the same time, it’s being controlled through simple commands issued on a standard serial UART. Honestly, the combined strengths of an FPGA and an ATmega8515L microcontroller turn this project into a unique and ultimate solution for robotic applications. The Atmel ATMega8515L is being used as the main part of the system, as it has the external memory bus that… Continue reading