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Fridge Thermostat – A Must Have Tool For All Beer Lovers!

Go figure, you’re sitting around on a bench with your family on the warm summer’s night. You and your family are chatting and laughing around happily. It would be even better, if you can have some excellent homebrew beer with your loved ones, isn’t it? Is it impossible for you to spend over thousands of dollars out from your wallet to buy a brand new refrigerator? If you did, then you should consider building a beer fridge here. This fridge thermostat has many useful features, such as: It has a very simple and small design (It can be installed in the fridge easily), Its power efficiency is good and can save a lot of energy, It fully equipped with adjustable temperature setting. In order to power the thermostat, you can use a battery pack and a 7805 voltage regulator to supply a nice 5V to the rest of the system. For temperature controlled switching, a 10k NTC thermistor is needed in this project. As you can see on the above figure that the thermistor has been mounted high off the… Continue reading