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Digital Clock That Based on PIC16F84A

The clock is regarding one of the oldest human inventions, where it’s meeting the need to measure the time in the natural units, such as second, minute, day, month and the year. However, if you want to measure the time accurately, you’ll need the help of some devices. For your information, the sundials has been identified the earliest time measurement in human history. The ancestors used the sundial to measure the time of day by the direction of shadows cast by the sun. Due to its reasonably accuracy, the sundials continued to be used to monitor the performance of clocks until the modern days. Brother Paul has invented the first record of a minute hand on a clock in 1475. Alexander Bain, a Scottish clockmaker was the first inventor that patented the electric clock in 1840! Although the digital clock is one of the most common items in nowadays, but you cannot miss this digital clock. It is a small adjustable clock, where is based on PIC16F84A microchip. The hardware part for this project is quite simple, as it only… Continue reading