Aren’t those programming headers too big?

Microcontroller boards are getting smaller and especially in smaller ones those programming headers become annoying. Think of 6-pin AVR ISP header – even on Arduino board it can be in your way. If you need to program MCU, you cannot get rid of it. So many of hobbyists probably start making custom solutions in order to save space. Danny suggests to take a look at so called tag-connect solution, where connection can be made with spring loaded pogo-pins that are normally used for testing PCBs during manufacturing. It seems that they can serve programming and debugging purposes on small boards pretty well. You can make easily make ISP to tag-connect adapter cable pretty easily and next time design PCB with much smaller ISP footprint. Using tag-connect you are not only saving on board space, but also you need less drill holes and don’t need pin header anymore. Continue reading

ATtiny2313 Breakout Boards Are Remarkably Outstanding!

Guys, are you looking for a petite and mini target board microcontroller? If you did, then you have to pay attention on this remarkable ATtiny2313 microcontroller! You must be wondering, “Am I overreacted in this case?” Nope, I’m 100% positively that the ATtiny2313 microcontroller is a simple yet powerful breakout board for the ATtiny2313! For whom that didn’t realize that the ATtiny2313 is an extremely popular AVR microcontroller, where you might spot its trace in the Mini POV, LED Mini Menorah and much more tingly kits! By the way, below here are some of the main purposes of creating the ATtiny2313 breakout boards: It’s to make a printed circuit board version of the minimalist target board for the microcontroller. It encompasses a place for the chip and a connection to the 6-pin ISP header. It’s to deploy a single and cheap AVR that doesn’t has many problem on it. It equips with extra holes to tap into each pin of the AVR and provide labels for every pin. It’s easy to use for plugging in some small and flexible prototype… Continue reading