The Extreme Fun With tinyCylon Kit!

You always thought that you can make different LED flashing patterns with several red LEDs, but you don’t know the exactly way to do it? Well, here is a solution for you. You can see on the above figure, this tinyCylon is indeed really tiny, where its length even shorter than the LED’s total length! For your information, this tinyCylon kit is coming with five red LEDs, an Atmel ATtiny13 microcontroller and a 4.5V DC battery pack. Do you believe that you can make the tinyCylon into a very, very tiny tinyCylon with a few modifications? Yep, you really can do it! First of all, you can choose the surface mount LED as the replacement for the kit’s T-1 LEDs, where any 0805 package SMD LED should work fine. And, all the red 3mm LEDs can be replaced with three color SMD LEDs as well! Make sure to change the bulky and cumbersome 4.5V DC battery pack to a smaller yet portable battery supply. In this case, a 3V lithium battery is more than enough for the 3-AAA battery pack.… Continue reading