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AVR Tiny based GPS locator

GPS device doesn’t have to be very complex. Simple Attiny2313 microcontroller can be used to read data from SR87 GPS module and display it to 2×16 alphanumeric LCD. As GPS module transmits data through serial interface it occupies only on wire so there is plenty space left for LDC, keyboard and buzzer. Keyboard is used to enter names for marked locations that are stored to EEPROM. Again, great fun project that almost pushes microcontroller to its limits. Continue reading

PIC based accurate LC meter

LC meter is one of frequent embedded projects. It is simply because most multimeters don’t have an inductance meter and sometimes capacitance. You can always buy a better one where you can find these features but why not to build one even with better characteristics you may need. This LC meter operates as most LC meters – they are based on LC oscillator circuit. By measuring the frequency of serial or parallel LC circuit you can calculate unknown L or C value. As result this project is capable to measure inductance in range 0 nH to 10mH at resolution 2nH, capacitance from 0pF to 10uF at resolution 0.1pF. It has automatic calibration ability and autorange as well. This is great and practical project for any hobbyist. Continue reading

Dual Thermometer with serial output

Building digital thermometers is probably one of the common tasks around embedded hobbyists. However more such projects more choices so more things that can be learned. So this one uses PIC16F876 microcontroller with MCP1047A temperature sensors connected to it. Thermometer displays two temperature values – inside and outside. The hardware of this thermometer is pretty simple – PIC reads temperature sensors via ADC. Temperature values are displayed on standard 2×16 LCD and logged to RS232 at desired intervals. ASM code is available. Continue reading