The Marvelous Homebrew Z80 Computer!

Do you have any idea, what is the use of Z80 computer for? Basically, it’s a classic Z80 microprocessor that mostly being used to build large TTL DIP components instead of SMD devices. Z80 computer is slightly different from the Z80 processor based computer, as the latter one normally uses a printed circuit board to connect all the components together. This means, the Z80 computer is built based on prototyping board. For your information, the Z80 computer is running at 4MHz and 32k of RAM. Honestly, it’s very impressive, especially if you loves to see thousands of grey wires running through the circuit board. Some of the great features for the Z80 computer are: ZiLOG Z80 CPU@4HHz 32 kBytes of RAM 32×32 char B&W alphabetic display adapter 1kBytes of Video… Continue reading