Colorful and Fully Remote Controlled RGB Light Bulbs Lamp

Would you like to have fun with the RGB light bulbs? Did you know that with a DIY RGB light bulbs lamp, you could create a lot of fun moment, no matter where you are and what you did? Honestly, most of the home hobbyists will start to involve themselves with the RGB light bulbs lamp because it’s a very simple and low cost project. As a result, this is the project that suitable to everyone, either for amateurs or experts! The RGB light bulb lamp is fully remote controlled, where a large spectrum of colored light can be made by mixing light from bulbs colored in three colors: red, green and blue. As a result, this one is not based on LEDs but it’s based on 3x60W 220/110 Vac light bulbs, which it’s more interesting and sparkling than other. Beside that, it also has a remote controller to change intensity of the three bulbs, store and recall the preferred hues, and turn the thing on and off accordingly. Note: Since the three bulbs you’re using is 220/110 Vac, so… Continue reading