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The Marvelous IK3OIL 16F84 PIC Frequency Counter

Well, some of you here might have built a few PIC frequency counter before, and fully understand about its usability in the electronic field. However, for those who never get in touch with PIC frequency counter, it’s an electronic instrument that being used for measuring frequency. Technically, frequency is defined as the number of events of a particular sort occurring in a set period of time. In order to measure the frequency, you have to use a counter to accumulate the number of events occurring within a specific time. Let’s say, after a preset period (1 minute, for example), the value in the counter is to be reset to zero automatically! By the way, we’re going to build an IK3OIL 16F84 PIC Frequency Counter. Most people are worry, as they might need to waste a lot of money buying the electronic components. Well, you know what? This IK3OIL 16F84 PIC Frequency Counter is very cheap, as the cost of the counter is cost you about US$2, while the display is only less than US$5! Frankly, this IK3OIL 16F84 PIC Frequency… Continue reading

PIC based discolights with bas beat effects

Zsolt Bitter developed great project that can be used in disco parties. This is smart discolight effect mashine which converts bass beats in to light pulses.   The lights are not only beating, but also rotating at random directions due to motor rotated mirror set on parabola shaped base. All this beauty is controlled by PIC 16F84A microcontroller which detects beats and after beat is detected it turns the motor for random time at some direction. It also depends on beat tempo. All of this control is only a matter of algorthm. Project might be a little challenging like any other design where mechanical moving mechanics is present. Continue reading