Swiss army knife – PIC superprobe

PIC superprobe project gained its popularity because of simplicity of design. It uses very few widely accessible electronic components.


This small tool can serve as:

  • Logic probe – for detecting High or Low voltage level;
  • Logic pulser – for generating pulses with various rates;
  • Event counter – for frequency counting;
  • Voltmetter – for measuring voltages up to 5V;
  • Diode junction voltage probe – for displaying diode voltage drop ;
  • Capacitance meter – for measuring capacitors from 0.01uF to 100uF;
  • Signal generator – for generating 500Hz square wave signal;
  • Video patter generator – for generating NTSC video frames;
  • ASCII generator – for generating Letter from A to Z leaded by cr/lf code;
  • Midi note generator;
  • R/C servo pulses;
  • Square wave generator – from 1 to 9999Hz;
  • Random number generator;
  • IR LED signal generator – allows to send 38kHz signals during IR led testing;
  • PWM generator;

And all that functionality is controlled by two buttons while information is displayed on four 7 segment LED displays. I’d say this is a “must have” tool. Source code of project is here. Also check out the Hall Of Fame of all reproductions of this nice tool.

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