Surfing web securely and privately with ProxMate

Internet is full of restrictions and dangers. You never know if your browsing is tracked especially when you want to stay anonymous. One of most common tracking purposes is advertisement. Probably you noticed when you search something on the internet; most of onsite ads are showing your searched items. Your behavior information is valuable to advertising companies so they could offer the products of your interest. This type of tracking isn’t that dangerous but rather annoying. However, who can deny, that there aren’t even more private information silently grabbed along the way. If you are working with precious information you probably want it be secure. Wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of on/off switch to avoid being tracked?  Actually there is a great browser plugin that does that and even more. ProxMate is packed with Privacy and Security Features that you can use whenever you need.

Along with tracking block ability, it comes with anti-malware tool to keep you safe from lurking viruses on insecure websites. Those are only side features of ProxMate, because primary purpose of plugin is to provide free access to restricted content you may face due to region, organization or other restrictions. For instance, schools/workplaces may try to prevent accessing some sort of content or websites due to some reasons. With help of proxy servers scattered around the globe, those restrictions can be avoided. Other known situation is when you cannot watch some specific youtube videos because it is country specific and is blocked so other region user cannot watch it. There are many services besides youtube that region restricted or inaccessible due other barriers. With ProxMate you can Unblock more than 300 channels and enjoy your loved content from anywhere on the globe. The list of channels is growing and expanding constantly. If you cannot find one, you can request it to be added to the list. ProxMate simply routes your web traffic through specific proxy server that can access your needed content. Most of server selection work is done automatically, but you have ability to setup your own proxy server to get around the blocks.

The plugin is available for all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It is easy to manage – you can turn on and off from toolbar. As any good services, this plugin isn’t free. You can choose your best Price Offer to fit your needs. It can be either subscription based or payed as you go. If you care about your privacy while browsing or want to have unrestricted access to content in multiple countries, this is worth trying.

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