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STM32F3 based miniscope

I am sure many of you reading the blog will be college students and every time you wanted to debug your project, you end up going to the college laboratory and checking its output in an oscilloscope. Well now that problem can be resolved by using this DIY miniscope. It’s a cheap and low speed dual channel PC/USB oscilloscope and a waveform generator too which is built using a STM32F3 microcontroller. It features a 32kb of ram on data bus, 128kb of flash memory and interestingly a 12-bit ADC along with a ROM boot loader and many other exciting features you don’t want to miss.

In the current version USB pull-up resistor can now be controlled by software and is also disconnected when device is in reset state to allow re-enumeration without physical disconnecting and more convenient switching between bootloader and user firmware which were not present in earlier version of the scope. Earlier version also used a STM32F3 controller but a different series. However the PCB design can be reused. Overall the project is greatly build, and I myself going to try it in the near future as it’s easy to make and more importantly it’s cheap.

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