STM32-Breakout Board

We all know about the STM32 family of microcontrollers that are powered by ARM. Although there are hundreds of board available for the STM32, this one is a little different. This breakout board has a narrow design that fits perfectly on your breadboard so that you can prototype your project a lot faster and in an easier way. Even on the breadboard every pin will be accessible including the reset and pin for uploading the boot loader. It has also has support for USB.

Along with the above features, it has an on-board USB based bootloader and hence eliminates the need to buy a JTAG programmer or an expensive debugger. All you need is a USB cable. It also has all the code files of the bootoader along with the Eagle schematics available online. A very nice boards, and highly recommended for those who has just started using Arm series of controllers. This board is kind of a complete evaluation board for breadboards which is a very great thing.

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