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Starting up on VHDL with a home-made XC9536XL development board

If you want to start learning or is trying to learn very-high-speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL) – then project is perfect for you! It comes with a XC9536XL CPLD – or a complex programmable logic device in a PLCC package that you can replace in a breeze! It also comes with eight red LEDs that will serve as outputs, a dual in line package (DIP) switch that will serve as your inputs for your experiments.


Instead of settling for an ordinary clock source this project comes with a ATtiny2313 to provide the clock source – making the clock source not only accurate but also programmable. The board also features two programming ports the first is a JTAG port for programming the XC9536XL CPLD and the other is a 3×2 AVR programming port for the ATtiny2313. The board also breaks out the pins of the ATtiny2313 and XC9536XL CPLD into  female headers when you decide to use just the microcontroller

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