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Standalone device to play Xiangqi

Xiangqi is nothing but Chinese version of chess. This project aims at playing the same on a standalone touchscreen LCD interfaced with a controller. In addition to playing, it also provides a feature to change the background of the game as per user requirement. When user presses on the screen, the signal will be sent to the MCU and some movements would be made. The entire algorithm of the game is implemented with the concept of states. The connection between MCU and touch screen needs a LCD driver and an ADC chip


A predefined library for another LCD is modified based on the present LCD datasheet so as to avoid any complexity. SPI protocol is also implemented to communicate the touchpanel with MCU. The accuracy of the touch screen is good. The identification of coordinates (x,y) of the touched point is precise as it has been configured manually. A good project to learn various aspects of controller for someone who has just started with embedded system.

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