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SquareWear 2.0 – Feature rich wearable Arduino

Wearable electronics is very popular in various events, fashion shows and in daily use. We want it to me tiny robust and safe. Lets see what another open source Arduino based platform brings. It’s called SquareWare 2.0. Its a second generation project that packs lots of features that can be used right away.

Since nobody wants to sew tons of separate boards on clothes, it already packs most thing you may need. Arduino runs on Atmega328 clocked at 12MHz and is powered from 3.3V that comes from MCP1700 low drop out regulator. It is powered from LiPo battery. Battery can be charged with built int charger based on MCP73831 chip. Powering and charging is done from mini-USB port. There is an MCP9700 temperature sensor, 10k photoresistor. Buzzer and color LED give some feedback. User can interact with one push button. If Arduino needs to drive high current loads (up to 250mA), there are three MOSFETs attached to three pins. Due to size constraints board doesnt have UART to USB converter chip. But this is solved by using software based V-USB library.

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