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Sprinkling Can Be Fun with Sprinkler Controller

You are bored for the normal water sprinkling system, and wishes a new change will spice up your watering routine?

Yep, you can wipe away the boredom by create a colorful sprinkler controller by your own.

sprinkler controller

Firstly, you must know what your own needs when you creating this controller which:

  • It is simple and not too complicated to build
  • Easy to navigate and control
  • Easy to add or remove any features whenever you want
  • It will support the extensive reporting
  • It must electrically isolated
  • Include the “In Place” flash upgradeable firmware

For this project, you can either choose to include control for an irrigation pump or not. The controller can be placed besides your sprinkler system wiring is, and its just only run a simple two or three wire control line from the automation controller to the sprinkler controller. Furthermore, choose the “send commands/requests” to the sprinkler controller without reports on your automation controller if you want to.

You can build this controller on a perfboard with wirewrap, and build as many valves as you want. You will take about an hour to set up the ten zones controller.

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  1. this controller can through the network control? Program is complicated?

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