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SPC music player on FPGA

FPGA player uses same hardware part as in Super Nintendo game console. It plays .SPC music files stored in flash memory through Sony SPC700 8-bit sound chip. SPC files are more complex than usual mp3 files as they contain so called memory state of SNES sound module. Anyway this is more or less a theory, which you have to study well before start doing something.

The project is developed by using Altera DE2 board equipped with Cyclone II FPGA chip. Hardware part is written with VHDL language. 8 bit microprocessor that executes program is also emulated in software. Seems to be it is very valuable source to study, as project directory can be downloaded freely.

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  1. Wow very interesting to say the least! This is an amazing piece of hardware tech, got to love the SNES!

  2. The SNES/Mega Drive battle seems to mirrowr what was going on in the home computer market at the time (Amiga v Atari ST) and of course earlier with the ZX Spectrum and C64. I remember dumping my megadrive for a SNES, but even thought the graphic and sound was worse, looking back I think Sega was a better format.

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