SoC Design on an FPGA

You must be wondering, “What the heck of this SoC is?” Well, SoC is the short acronym of “System-on-a-chip”, where it refers to integrating all components of a computer or other electronic system into a single integrated circuit. Normally, SoC might contain digital, analog, mixed-signal and radio-frequency functions.


SoC is typically being used for processors capable of running software, example like Windows or Linux. However, it’s not feasible to build an SoC for a particular application, an alternative is a system in package (SiP), which is comprising a number of chips in a single package. In other hand, SoC is more cost effective than SiP, especially in large volumes, due to its specification to increase the yield of the fabrication and its packaging is much simpler than SiP did.

The main goal of this project is to take the processor and implement it on the DE2 Development and Education Board, where it uses the Altera Cyclone II Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

You can integrate it with a real time input and output to make it part of a real time Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system.

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  1. it is really an embedded world.amazing. then if i have a powerPC inside a virtex 2 pro FPGA ican call it is a hard core embedded has everything that mentined above. are they FPGA ASICs? any thng from FPGA major XILINX.

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