Smart Visualizing Sensor Data with Arduino and Processing

Do you have passion on the robot development field? If you did, then this visualizing sensor data with Arduino and processing robot is going to bring you endless fun…

In this project, you’ll know and understand the exactly way to combine the Arduino, sensors and the Processing environment to visualize real world sensor measurements.

There are three main components that needed to be used for this project: an Arduino Diecimila, a standard hobby servo and a Sharp IR sensor. You can use the Version 0013 for the Arduino IDE and version 1.0.0 for the Processing IDE.


As you can see through the above picture, an IR sensor has been mounted to a servo on the small yet cute robot. Several Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F IR distance sensors need to be used, due to its inexpensive proximity sensor and the ability to sense objects from 10-80cm. The disadvantage of this sensor is it can only detect objects within a narrow beam. In order to overcome the downfall you can mount the sensors on the servo, so that you could pan the sensor approximately 180 degrees.

If you love to visualize things, then you can write a small program in processing, where is to visualize the sensor data for debugging.

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