Small size single sided PIC breakout board

Breakout boards are handy where you need a slight transition from SMT to through hole technology. Today many hobbyists like using breakouts that saves time and reduces chance of errors. But breakout boards doesn’t have to be just for changing chip footprint. It also can carry lots of electronics that helps this chip run. Take a microcontroller. If you are already building a breakout board for SMT microcontroller then you’d probably put clock source, programming header, probably some indicator LEDs.

Johan made one of these for PIC16F628/627 microcontroller. They are really small size and are pretty versatile. Dimentions of board are 25.40×31.75mm and have all you need to run microcontroller projects. These include ICSP programming connector, all pins broken out, four debug LEDs, one switch, reset, crystal. All this is placed on single sided PCB which may be easily built at home using simple technology like toner transfer.

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