Simply good Atmega64 development board

Before Arduino appeared, embedded hobbyists were more attracted to building their own development boards. If someone needed new feature they simply included in their design. We don’t say that Arduino like approach is bad, but it feels that sometimes it makes us lazy on hardware. There is not much creativity by simply grabbing Arduino, dropping couple libraries out of pool and writing couple lines of compact code. Anyway, if you like to do more barebone developing, Radek suggests his Atmega64 development board which can serve as great prototyping board.


It features many useful functionality like DS3231 RTC, DS1820 1-Wire temperature sensor, 24AA00SN I2C EEPROM, FT232RL for USB connectivity, 16×2 LCD, couple of seven segment LED displays, eight buttons and 16 LEDs. This is great board for learning AVR C programming but also can be used as base platform for many great projects. And if you still want it to be Arduino, then there is no problem to find suitable bootloader for it. Board’s Eagle CAD files are available if you would like to build on for yourself.

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  1. I tend to completely disagree with you. Without having to bother with making the right hardware creativity goes up: Now also people who dont care about putting their own components all on a board, making pcb’s, fault finding etc can put idea’s they have in their head into reality.

    I found that all projects i did for which i used standard components (an arduino, a sensor, a shield) to be ready way before anything that I built from scratch and often it is cheaper too and looks better.
    Thank god for libraries. Why would i want to mess around with making difficult routines when someone else did the work for me.
    It is kinda like regretting there is email coz having quill written letters delivered by stage coach is so much better, or that Ubuntu is better than windows because windows is ‘too easy’

    Using microcontrollers in fact makes us lazy. what happened to the good old days when you would need to build your own computer from vacuum tubes and program it via a row of switches?

    Nevertheless, ofcourse it can be satisfying to build yr own board and I have done that many times, but i dont feel it makes people more creative 🙂

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