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Simple NetworkAble RFID Controller

Popular known as SNARC, which is designed by Lawrence “Lemming” Dixon at the Hackerspace Brisbane (HSBNE). SNARC provides a simple platform for network controlled RFID access. It has a microcontroller, Ethernet module, connector pins for an RFID reader (5V, TX, RX, and GND) and an N Channel MOSFET output on board. This makes it a convenient solution for applications where a device needs to be powered or triggered via an RFID card while its access rights are stored somewhere in the cloud, e.g. doors in office buildings etc.

Simple NetworkAble RFID Controller

SNARC comes with an ATMega328p chip and Wiznet Ethernet module (both of which are used by Arduino as well), which makes it fully compatible to the Arduino platform. The ATMega chip comes with an Arduino bootloader, i.e. you can use your Arduino IDE and run Arduino sketches on the board, by simply uploading them through an FTDI cable. SNARC is not released for official sale yet, but apparently will be soon. So stay tuned. Or shoot HSBNE an email if you’re interested to get a prototype. However, A minor disadvantage is that you still need to physically connect it to an Ethernet cable

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