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Simple LED spectrum analyzer and clock for PC modding

Rubashka Vasilly likes do do computer modding on spare time. His latest modding project was LED matrix spectrum analyzer + watch that connects to PC via RS232 port. Device is based on ATS902313(or alternative ATTiny2313) microcontroller.

 spectrum-clock matrix5.jpg


All design is made on two separate PCB’s. One for control board and another for two 5×8 LED dot matrix’s. Microcontroller program is written in BASCOM-AVR language. As you can understand Attiny2313 doesn’t have enough power to calculate spectrum, so all this is done in managing program running on computer which uses a bass.dll library. Project files are available for download.

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  1. hi.please guide me that can i use 2 or more channel scan with bascom for measure temprature and hummidity or presure in adc(atmega32.thanks,best regard

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