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Simple audio feature makes board game special

Board games are fun to play in group. No matter if you are a kid or adult, you can get involved pretty quickly. Makapuf with his son has been working on board game called goose board game. It is a game where you have to roll a dice and advance along the track where adventures and bonuses awaits. The design and rules were sons task while he took par of electronics. He wanted to make it interactive by playing sounds.

Any microcontroller is capable to generate sounds using PWM. Attiny2313 microcontroller seems to be perfect candidate to generate 8-bit 8kHz sampled sounds. Audio is sampled through NPN transistor which has a minimal RC filter to improve it. Of course microcontroller memory is way to small to store audio files, so he used AT45D 4Mb serial flash module. In order to store audio files in flash memory Makapuf build a simple file system to keep track of files. There is no way to store normal FAT file system as it requires much more SRAM that Attiny2313 has. To program dataflash memory he used simple Arduino sketch which takes advantage of dataflash library. This is only the basic setup. It can be improved in many ways by adding sensors, improving sound, giving more tricks and jokes. It’s up to you if this becomes more fun to make a game or play it.

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  1. funny to see its own project in a blog you’re following ! Way to start your week !
    Thanks, keep up the good work of reporting *ahem* interesting projects.

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