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Simple and small portable AVR MP3 player

I bet that using devices that you have built is an exiting feeling. So why not to listen MP3 songs with your own MP3 player. So Michael does. He have been developing a simple portable MP3 player powered by Atmega128 microcontroller and VLSI VS1011b MP3 decoder IC.



MP3 player reads songs from MMS/SD data media where also playlists and skins can be stored. Player is powered from LiIo/LiPo battery which can be charged easily with included charger in to circuit itself. Color displays (128×128 pixel and 256 color) is taken from Nokia 6610 cell phone so plauer can work in both – text and graphical modes.

All firmware is written in easy accessible WinAVR C language. Media supports FAT32 file system so there is no problem to write songs directly from PC. Other features include:

Written in C for WinAVR compiler based on avr-gcc v3.4.5 or higher including avr-libc v.1.4.3 or higher

  • Direct M3U playlist support;

  • ID3 v1 & v2 tag support ;

  • Color skin/theme support;

  • Adjustable LCD contrast, backlight brightness and auto off time;

  • Sass enhancer in VS1011b, volume and balance;

  • All adjustable options are stored in EEPROM;

  • Serial IO interface;

  • 3.5mm audio jack;

  • External audio via docking port;

  • One key handling;

  • Battery voltage monitoring;

  • Auto power off on low battery;

  • Remote control via serial interface;

  • Information output for firmware and bootloader via serial interface

Seems to be nice fully functional DIY gadget project.

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  3. Nice project. I like to see Hardware and Software Detail. I am a Student and like to build something like this for my Senior Project

  4. Thanks man this is what I was searching for !!
    Great Information Cheers !!

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