Sensor rig inspects indoor comfort level

How to tell that your room temperature and humidity is right for you. Or maybe there is no enough oxygen. In order to fell good you need right temperature, humidity and air quality, noise level. These parameters may vary from person to person. Donmatito have put a sensor stuffed Arduino project which does right that – measures environment quality.

Arduino sensor board

Device simply checks sensor data and logs it to Thingspeek datalogging service. So the values can be viewed remotely from website at any time. In other hand since data is based on seria lport it can be used for other link options like Bluetooth to smartphone or other options. The quality sensor seems to be open to be stuffed with more sensors. So fa there are SeedStudio air quality sensor with sensor that is capable to detect organic compounds like alcohol, formaldehyse, TMP36 temperature sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor DHT11, photoresistor. Noise level is checked with couple mic boards.

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