Scrolling Text on Oscilloscope – Even the Elementary Students Can Do It Too!

Oscilloscopes are one of the most familiar electronic components, which most of the home hobbyists might have got in touch with it, at least once in their life!

Ok, maybe you’ve been done multiple experiments with Oscilloscope before, but have you ever try to use it for scrolling text? Yep, even though it’s not a new method, however, it would give you a several “surprises” that you’re not expected at all!

So, it’s a very simple project that based on a PIC micro PIC16F628A. Why we said it’s a very simple project? It’s because it only have one component plus the battery!

Basically, the main purpose of the circuit is to show a scrolling text on oscilloscope. In this case, those characters, which are going to be displayed can be stored by user in EEPROM.

The first EEPROM location with 0xFF value is considered as the end of text. The last EEPROM location with 0x7F is containing the scrolling speed in 20mS steps.

Normally, a jumper would be placed between the pins Vdd and Vpp, after programming the micro via the ICSP connector. The oscilloscope is then will be set for 2mS/div on X-axis and 1V/div on Y-axis.

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