Scraping website for health related information with ESP8266

If you like to have climate information always accessible, then you should suck in to some data stream and try to get the latest news out of it. For instance produces pretty accurate weather forecasts around the globe. Interesting thing is that along weather data they are forecasting migraine, .

accuweather forecasting options

Philip Burgess from adafruit thought it would be great idea to build a device, that would follow the migraine forecast and give early warnings about higher migraine probability. Of course you should keep in mind, that forecasting is relative to weather data, so you shouldn’t take this too serious. In other hand this is really interesting project from technical perspective. The device is built around adafruit’s HUZZAH ESP8266 breakout board. He attached power supply plug and LED which is used to indicate bad news.

ESP8266 LED blinking circuit

Rare rare blink simply indicates that there is no risk, while more intense periodic blinking indicates the risk of headache. The code is written in Arduino manner so it is easy to follow and modify. If you will reuse it, be sure to select your location properly.

If you would like to scrape more information probably you should thing of different display option like LCD or at least several labeled LEDs.

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