Scientific credit card sized calculator

Probably most of you follow Dave’s eevblog. He puts lots of cool stuff in his video blog. So recently he described his uCalc project which is actually not finished yet. But probably most interesting part is to see how he designs it.

Speaking of calculator it is based on PIC24F 16 microcontroller with 256KB Flash, 16KB SRAM and additional 64KB user flash. It also is equipped with 3axis tilt sensor and Micro CD card. It has a 128×32 graphical display (don’t know why he puts that it is 128×64). Anyway probably the most catchy part of this calculator is its enclosure. Truly speaking there isn’t one as PCB itself serves as enclosure. Front PCB is also a front panel where on one side all SMD components are placed and a visible side has a capacitive touch buttons etched directly on it. So he plants to make it as thin as 3.6mm thick. So the only coin battery could slide in without additional holders. Actually this is great show up that may inspire lots of hobbyists struggling to put their projects in to nice boxes.

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