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Scanning your vitals with medical tricorder

Smart medical devices are coming closer to our daily lives. Times seems are passing when the only device we used at home was mercury based thermometer or manual blood pressure meter. Those devices are more or less automatic. Things are getting even better with wearable electronics. A simple wrist watch can monitor your pulse, pressure and temperature. MarkusB has been inspired by SciFi movies where heroes from Star Trek could self-diagnoze medical conditions within seconds. So he started a medical tricorder project.

The device he built is able to measure temperature on the forehead with infrared thermometer and PPG (Photoplethysmograph) pulse/heart rate on ear lobe. He found that reading only those two parameters he could read lots of medical parameters. To call a device tricorder there is one more sensor needed. So he intends to add respiration sensor to read breathing rate by using mask and pressure sensor like MPXV4006GP. He built a custom Arduino board with OLED display. Microcontroller does some intense calculations to evaluate medical parameters out of readings. Of course it cannot be considered as reliable medical diagnostic device, but this is great experiment project.

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