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Scanalogic – The Advance Version of Logic Analyzer!

How well do you think you’re known about the Logic Analyzer? For your information, logic analyzer is an electronic instrument, where it can be used to display signals in a digital circuit that are too fast to be observed and presents it to a user. As a result, the user can be more easily checked for correct operation of the digital system.

Beside that, logic analyzers are generally being used for capturing data in system, which have too many channels to be examined with an oscilloscope. The software running on the logic analyzer can easily convert the captured data into many forms, such as timing diagrams, protocol decodes, state machine traces, assembly language or any correlate assembly with source-level software!

Guys, let’s meet the “Scanalogic”, where it’s a simple and effective logic analyzer that specially designed to be easily built by all users, no matter you a newbie or expert! Regards of its simplicity, it can be used for debugging and analyzing in many projects.

This little thing is a very powerful buddy, where it can be used at sampling rates as high as 4 Million samples per second! Although it has only four channels, but it’s more than enough as you didn’t even use up to four channels in onetime.

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  1. where is the kit? I still like the open ness of arduino logic analiser

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