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Running watch with GPS guidance

If running is part of your activity probably you would like to know daily statistics. These features are available in many devices like smart phones or watches. But sometimes you simply need a guide that would tell if you are on a right direction. One way would be to use GPS navigator with planned route, but who would want to look at screen all the time when you would enjoy re view. So students Joel and Kyle from Cornell ECE4760 class brainstormed the idea of building GPS running watch which would give mechanical feedback about the waypoint. They used small motors to vibrate weather you are running along planned route or you turned right or left.

Prototype is equipped with GPS module, Atmega1284 board, LCD display, SD card to store waypoints. Before you can use the device, first you need to create path in Google Earth, then save this path as KMZ file which then needs to be uploaded to GPS visualizer website where you can get output text file which has to be stored to SD card. Runner watch ensures that you follow planned route and of course gets you home if you get lost. With GPS there comes other functionality including current time, coordinates, accumulated distance.

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