Running uClinux on ARM microcontroller

ARM microcontrollers are 32 bit systems with high potential. It is enough power to run small operation systems like uClinux. The only limitation is that operations systems require much more program memory than internal chip memory can provide. Ulrich Radig used a NXP LPC2294 ARM7 microcontroller which carries 256K of internal Flash memory which is enough to place a boot-loader which loads uClinux kernel to SRAM.



It interesting how he solved low memory problem. SD card was split in to two partitions where one partition FAT16 was used to store kernel which has to be loaded to memory, second is Linux (ext2) partiion for custom use. To support this he has written a simple driver. When Linux is loaded, it is easy to run various custom programs like web servers, and so on.

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  1. A likely system, but how can you see what you do? Is there any VGA port?

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    it’s a matter of my project actually I was searching for the articles on the web for the loading of the ucLinux on the ARM processor , but I don’t get that , so I got your’s after a long search , so would you give me the circuit diagram and procedure of this project that how to start with the board of the ARM processor.


  3. Link to project is under post.

  4. there’s lots of post which one

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    I am searching for the projects on arm cntroller plz give me some suggestion about that of good projects.

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    i am trying to search any linux destribution for my embedded system which has ARM7-cotex-m3, lpc 1766 processor. could u pls help me??

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