Running BASIC programs on ARM

BASIC language is pretty old but still popular probably because of its simplicity and information background. Most of popular microcontrollers have BASIC compilers like BASCOM for ARM. But these are compilers that like other code is compiled and then loaded. But what about running BASIC programs inside chip. This is where Coridium is headed.

They designed ARM BASIC chip in a DIP package with LPC1114 inside. Chip works as a BASIC machine that can be connected to PC serial port weather using RS232 or serial to USB adapter. All you need is to connect 3.3V power supply and attach serial adapter for loading programs. Users can access 20K and 2K of RAM. Operating at 50MHz chip ensures running 10 million BASIC lines per second. IT has also full floating point support. They also provide free BASIC tools. If you feel nostalgic about doing basic but with hardware access try it. Chips are pretty cheap to try.

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