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This project involves band that can be attached to your upper arm which will help you monitor your running habits by providing temperature and vibration feedback. The band produces a cold sensation when the user is not moving fast enough. The band vibrates if the user continues to be slow. An accelerometer is used to count the steps taken per interval. It also consists of two SPDT switches to switch on/off the device and to set the required foot step rate. The band runs from an Atmel ATmega1284P microcontroller, a Peltier Plate, vibration motor, and various control circuits.


The accelerometer reading is fed to the controller which determines whether the user has taken a step or not. Based on the present and the previous reading, the step per interval is estimated which is then compared with the user set threshold and output in form of either peltier plate or haptic feedback is used depending upon the user speed. The Peltier plate control component is run by a PWM. The entire source along with the schematics used is well explained on the project website.

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