Rising STM32F4 clock speed above the limits

STM32F4 microcontrollers are powerful enough for most of applications. Their max core speed is 168MHz. Newer seems are even 180MHz. Anyway iabdalkader thought that speed limit might be a part of marketing thing and so he started testing different speeds by changing RCC block values of microcontroller.


Actually there is no hidden secrets here, but as always manufacturer states that running above recommended clock speed doesn’t guarantee proper microcontroller operation. He was able to rise speed up to 240MHz without noticeable problems. Temperature measurements have shown the overall rise by 4 degrees. After all this is great to know that we can squeeze more juice when needed, in other hand if you are looking for reliable device operation, better stick within specs. If not your program crashes, but in long run there might be errors in memory reads or simply this will shorten MCU lifetime.

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