RFID lock project

RFID lock project is based on PIC16F84 microcontroller. Device can read 125kHz read only RFID tag cards.

Device can work in two modes: toggle lock and pulse. In toggle mode lock changes its state when card is moved near reader while pulse mode lock changes its state for some period and comes back to its previous state. Microcontroller EEPROM memory stores 12 byte long IDs of RFID tags. It is possible to store multiple card IDs, where number is limited only to EEPROM size. Whole project description is Bosnian language – well circuit language is same for all 🙂

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  1. Can I see the Projekt-Source?
    The Circuit and Software-Part ?

    I am interested in RFID just for my Hobby 😉

  2. i need basic concepts about
    i want to do college project in rfid please guide
    as am a master of computer application student

    Can I see the Projekt-Source?
    The Circuit and Software-Part ?

    I am interested in RFID just for my Hobby 😉

  3. i want to do college project in rfid please guide
    i want information about new application on rfid

  4. i like to do my collge project in RFID
    can u guide me in givin information

    and pls can i see ur project source

  5. Actually I want to make project on the topic rfid based attendence system….so can u pls give me information about this project along with circuit layout and coding

  6. I’m a final year student, interested in doing RFID based projects, can u plzzz guide me or give some ideas abt RFID projects…!!!

  7. hi,
    am hitesh tak doing my final year in electronics and communication branch.. i am interested to do my final year project based on rfid..
    can u please help me out in knowing its basics and how to proceed..
    i ll be highly thankful to you..
    waiting for your reply..

  8. hi!! i m doing project in rfid materil tracking system.. give me new idea related project …
    pls help me

  9. hi….im doing talking RFID access system…..I have difficulties in doing the voice part…..I coudnt interface both…..any ideas?….thank you…

  10. i am doing my final project on RFID basis. can u please guide me. Please send me the project source codings

  11. hi..i am doing a RFID tracking system for my project..can please guide me..thanks

  12. Hi,

    I’m looking at doing my final year project on RFID Tracking systems. Can you please send me some information on this project and design schmatics is thats ok.


  13. hi
    i am a student of electronics & instrumentation engg. i m doing my project on e-passport using RFID.
    can u please give me some information regarding this?
    looking forward for your reply

  14. Amit

    Hi i’m an electronics and communication student.i want to know about the cost for Rfid security system.Also, can u please tell me about how coding will be done in Rfid technology?thanks..


  15. i’m looking for nice project based on rfid…

  16. For westerners and JAPANESE, I have some FREE very advanced RPID projects for research applications , others describe for what purpose you need them.

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  18. hi all

    i m working in an rfid manufacturing industry. i want soe new project idea to work with. can anybody please give help me or if i can help u for sum project

  19. i m the student of mtech .any one please guide how to start with rfid projects or website which would help

  20. i am doing my final year BE COMPUTER SCIENCE eng and am interested in doing rfid projects so plz guide me

  21. Project seems very cool. But where to find the documentation and source of this projecet?


  23. i am interested in rfid project

  24. sir …….i want to assemble a rfid lock project..
    .please help me to give me information.

  25. please send me the source code and other related project to me am interested in RFID project.
    send me detail to my mail id about RFID Based CAR PARKING MANAGER SYSTEM

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