RFDisplay – The Magnificent Display with RF Connection to a PC!

Have you ever thought that you can use some of your imagination to build something out of a large array of lights? However, you might think it’s pretty hard, as you didn’t sure how to connect a large number of them, especially when microcontrollers don’t have enough output pins for each light here?

Well, your worries seem to be useless here. Do you know that the same persistence of vision tricks that are used to make a CRT display work could also be applied to LEDs in a grid pattern and there is an automated weather station that can be used to send weather data to the display from via a RF link? With these features, you can simply build an incredible RFDisplay!

Basically, the main concept behind persistence of vision is that if a bright light is flashed the light will be perceived as being lit for a long time. As a result, if the light is flashed fast enough (over 60HZ in this display), it will be perceived as being constantly on. The display uses this trick to allow a small number of lights to be on at any time.

Those lights are well arranged in a grid pattern with all the lights in a column sharing a positive terminal, while all the lights in a row sharing a negative terminal.

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