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RF garage door opener

After Mike moved to his new place, he found that current garage door opener is does not work as expected. So he decided to make his own remote controlled garage door opener.

As usual RF link consists of two parts – transmitter and receiver. Building receiving part is easier as there isn’t much restrictions on size and power supply because it always stays inside garage and can be powered with wall wart power supply. So it is based on Olimex AVR-MT-128 development board with LCD. LCD currently displays times the garage door was opened. For RF communications he has chosen cheap 315MHz RF modules. There is more hustle with transmitter as it has to be carried around. It must have decent small size, range and power usage. It is based on Attiny13 microcontroller. As power supply there is a 9V battery used that is scaled down to 5V (wouldn’t call this efficient). Prototype version has proved itself be reliable. Now it time to make it compact…

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